The second teaser for Nowhere Studios`s new game Monochroma.
2D Animation Direction : Denizcan Yuzgul
2D Character Design : Bal Icme, Denizcan Yuzgul
2D Illustrations Backgrounds : Denizcan Yuzgul
3D Animation DIrection : Emek Ozben
Music : Gevende
Sound FX : Alp Coksoyluer
a small but long note :
The story was built right after Gezi protests in Istanbul, which started from a conflict about building a new shopping mall on a centeral park in Taksim, and protests spread to all country for real freedom and real democracy. Unfortunately, around 8 young people died, more than thousands injured by police.
But half of the country was supporting this violence from state because they were still beleiving their master`s and television`s lies.
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