Text : Zuzana Gruberova // Illustration : Denizcan Yuzgul
Sketches before goıng ınto vectorızıng
The English establish the Virginia Company, named after Virgin Queen Elizabeth. The task is to settle in the New World (North America). 100 guys (men, women, children) on 3 big ships sail to Virginia and establish the first English colony in America - Jamestown. However, they have illnesses, they lack food and they have to fight with the Indians from time to time, so they nearly give up and return back home - but then more ships come from England and they decide to stay. 
John Rolfe starts to plant tobbacco in Virginia. He marrys Pocahontas, the daughter of local Indian chief, and therefore there is peace between the colonists and the natives. Their son - Thomas - becomes the richest tobbacco farmer in Virginia. The tobbacco saves the economy of the colony.
The Dutch come to America. They establish New Amsterdam on a small island, which they name after local native Indian tribe - "Manhattan". Due to a legend, they bought Manhattan from the tribe for trinkets (in the value of 24 dollars). The Indians didn't view the private possesion as the Europeans, so eventually they attacked the Dutch after that - 1000 died, New Amsterdam stayed Dutch. Then, in 1664, the city was conquered by the English, and renamed to New York.
The English suppress the colonists more and more, which leads to the Boston Tea Party. This means: because the colonists wanted to boycott the English goods, they jumped on the ships bringing tea from England. They were dressed as Indians and they threw 92 000 pounds of tea (from 298 chests) to the sea. Shortly after, the "American revolution" - or the battles between Americans and British - begun.
The American Congress approves the Declaration of Independence - that the thirteen colonies are united and independent from the British rule. (The Declaration war written by Thomas Jefferson and Ben Franklin). The first president of the USA then becomes George Washington (in 1789). 
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