Client : Newsweek Magazine
Role : Illustrator

Queen Elisabeth turns 90 in April. Big celebration is expected. Big celebration can turn wild, but everything’s relative over the time - what looked as a brutal revolt 40 years ago (PUNK) gets official now, with royal blessing, and new revolt is required!
21. April 1926
Queen was born, as the first child of the stammering king “Bertie or George VI”.
6. November 1975
Sex Pistols fouded. The first concert Nov 6. Sid Vicious joined in 1977

7. June 1977
Sex Pistols sung their “God Save the Queen” song on the boat, making a scandal during
Jubilee holiday.
Queen celebrates 90th birthday + Punk.London official celebration of 40-year punk history
The son of the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren is planning to burn his
collection of punk memorabilia, estimated to be worth around £5m.
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