text: Pavla Francov√°, Zuzana Gruberov√°,
ilustraration: Denizcan Yuzgul
A. Technology
1. learn to deal with social networks
2. learn programming and coding
3. learn how to instruct robots
4. Print in 3D
5. Make your own video
B. Take care of your body
1. Be in shape, do some physical excercise.
2. First Aid
3. Detoxication
4. Sleep well, learn how to relax
C.  Communicationg with other people
1. Learn how to speak well, so what people listen and talk to you
2. Speak foreign leanguges
3. Read fast
4. No procrastination
5. Learn more drawing and painting
6. Learn how to think critically
D. Environment / Sustainability
1. Grow carrots
2. Simplify your life
3. Do not mess third
4. Meditate fourth
5. Take care of Grandpa
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