Animation & Production company Eallin Motion Art Prague asked us to create a concept for a meeting room, and offered a 280 x 110 cm canvas plus two long board wooden tables.

      We came up with an idea to create a virus which spreads fun & inspiration. The Virus of Eallin. 
Unlike the normal viruses, this virus is a good one, which doesnt hurt, instead of it helps you.
After that we started to draw the moment when this virus spreads itself into the room. 
It took 3 weeks to complete, and around 10 days of sketching. This is the painting on canvas part of the project.

Work is done by Denizcan Yuzgul and Bal Icme, Prag.
      Thanks to Lukas Skalnik, Radek Doskocil and eallin crew.
       Wish you enjoy
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